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Promotional ideas

A watch makes the perfect promotional items for many types of marketing and incentive campaigns.

Idea 1:

Gift with Purchase Many large household retail brands use products with a high perceived value to add value to their retail offer, especially when trying to move stock in volumes. Example: Buy a McDonalds Meal and receive a free Kiddies watch valued at R60 (Complete with a 6-month warranty)

Idea 2:

End-Of-Year Gift To incentify staff for part of the end-of the year bonus or as a token of appreciation for excelling in selling and achieving targets that have been set.

Idea 3:

Long Service Awards Probably the most commonly known and historic gift used in many companies over the years has been the issue of a personalised gold watch for someone working at the same company for over 25 years. These days watches are provided for 5,10, 15, 20+ year awards for both male and female. The recipient’s name and even the series number showing a limited edition run has been made, can be engraved on the caseback.

Why give a Custom Branded Watch?

  • 1. High perceived value.
  • 2. What other gifts are complete with a 1 year warranty?
  • 3. Not something easily discarded.
  • 4. A subtle way of someone seeing your brand approx. 10,000 times a year.
  • 5. The whole watch can be branded including the hands.
  • 6. Assembled with Japanese Myota movement.
  • 7. Great bi-lines for advertising e.g. Save time & money, Watch out, Time for a break etc.
  • 8. Branding watches since 1992 for famous brands i.e. Coca Cola, Nestle, SAA, HP, Mastercard etc.
  • 9. Perfect for corporate gifts, incentive programmes, gift with purchase promotions, longevity awards, trade promotions, on-pack promotions and redemption programmes.


A watch makes the perfect promotional items for many types of marketing and incentive campaigns.

Metal Canister

Silver Tin Canister, Round metal brushed alloy tin. Silver. Size: 9.5 x 9.5 x 6cm. Print Area: 75 x 75mm.

Metal Slider

Silver and black coloured slide box. Manufactured in Tin, Print Area: 90mm x 70mm. Imprint: On metal frame; embossing/debossing

Pillow Box

Cardboard folding pillow box. Grey, coloured design. Size: 95mm x 95mm x 55mm. Print Area: 35mm x 35mm

Velvet Gift Box

Black with grey velvet lining. Black Poly. Size: 240mm x 50mm x 20mm. Print Area: 150mm x 29mm


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Our Mission

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority-through success in their respective businesses, our extensive range is guaranteed to appeal to any market.


    Clocks and corporate gifts are really synonymous. Clocks are unique because people look at them hundreds of times a day. A well placed quality printed logo on a well placed quality wall clock serves to advertise your company hundreds of times a day for years to come!

Selection & Manufacture

A timepiece is probably one of the most utilised items in a person’s day. 24-7, 365 days a year;
a wrist watch is an ideal medium to advertise your brand.Corporate Watch offers a large variety of choices on watch and clock faces, bodies, hands, mechanisms and colours for a uniquely designed corporate gift.
Alternatively, brand your choice with your company’s corporate logo and colours to create an impactful reminder every minute of your client’s day.

Our extensive range is guaranteed to appeal to any market.